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St. Institutskaya 27/6, Kyiv, Ukraine

+38095 43 44 788


Mon – Thu from  11:00 to 22:00

Fri – Sun from 11:00 to 23:00

Gastro materialization

Having worked everything up to the smallest detail, we add a highlight! Meet Avocado! It is nutritious, tasty beautiful, and trendy! That’s why AVOKADO will please and surprise you with a variety of dishes for every taste. Lovers of healthy food will find exclusive dishes, while connoisseurs of good meat we offer a great and delicious choice.

What is a RESTAURANT? To us it’s delight and quality. This is why our talented chefs create stunning and appetizing avocado dishes with a variety of other ingredients. You can watch these edible works of art on our INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK’s. Our dishes not only look beautiful, they are extremely tasty and good for you. Come and see by yourself.

Discover the unknown direction between a healthy day and a crazy night. Have you had enough of this ? If you like a good atmosphere, delicious and healthy dishes, excellent rest and loud parties, then Avocado is for you! Come and feel RELAX in its best expressions! Surronded by a pleasant environment, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Avocado is ready to AMAZE: inspired management, talented chefs, generous bartenders and delicious food. There is not enough. just yours.



Avocado`s delivery is fry if the order is more than 600 UAH!

Or order delivery through our partners! Partners deliver 2-3 km from our location (Avocado – Institutskaya 27/6)